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News and Public Notices

News Updates and Required Public Notices

Public Notice House and % sign
  • 2023
Notice of Property Tax Increase

The Chatham County Board of Commissioners has tentatively adopted a millage rate which will require an increase in property taxes by 8.41 percent in General Maintenance and Operations taxes, an increase in property taxes by 5.90 percent in Special Service District taxes and an increase in property taxes by 7.65 percent in Chatham Area Transit Authority taxes.

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Public Notice blueprints
  • 2023
FY24 Chatham Community Blueprint Implementation Grants

Applications accepted beginning January 27, 2023. Blueprint grants are intended to support non-mandated programming and initiatives that directly align with the Chatham Community Blueprint and the priorities of the Chatham County Board of Commissioners.

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News Image of firefighters on ladder at a fire
  • 2022
Fire Service Fee for property owners in the unincorporated County.

If you live in unincorporated Chatham County and were previously billed by Chatham Emergency Services for a fire subscription fee, you will no longer receive a bill from them and instead be billed a Fire Services Fee by Chatham County.

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Public Notice American Rescue Plan Act
  • 2021
American Rescue Plan Act

How will the American Rescue Plan Act funds be invested in Chatham County?


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Helplines & Emergency Services
  • Sonya L. Jackson
  • 222 W. Oglethorpe Ave.
  • (912) 652-7100
  • (912) 652-7101
  • Email Department
  • Wendy Williamson
  • 133 Montgomery Street
  • (912) 652-7265
  • (912) 652-7262
  • Email Department
  • Carolyn A. Smalls
  • 123 Abercorn St.
  • (912) 652-7925
  • (912) 652-7849
  • 124 Bull Street
  • (912) 652-7878
  • (912) 652-7880
  • Roderick Conley
  • 222 W. Oglethorpe Ave.
  • (912) 652-7271
  • (912) 652-7301
  • Email Department