The Board of Commissioners usually meets twice a month (except for January) on Fridays at 9:30 a.m.

The meetings are held in the Commission Chambers of the Old Courthouse, 124 Bull Street, Second Floor, and are open to the public.

The agenda for the meeting is available online on Wednesday before the Friday meeting. In addition, a hard copy can be made available for pick up at 124 Bull Street, Suite 220.

All Chatham County Commission Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Videos have moved
to a new system that provides live streaming of video of the current meeting.

Click here for the Chatham County Commission Portal

Note: Agendas are not mailed, faxed or emailed.

2022 Meetings

Summary listing of 2022 meetings

2nd and 4th Fridays in January, March through June, and August through September
4th Friday in February (only one meeting)
2nd and 5th Fridays in July
1st and 3rd Fridays in October through December
January 14 28
February 25
March 11 25
April 8 22
May 13 27
June 10 24
July 8 29
August 12 26
September 9 23
October 7 21
November 4 18
December 2 16